Ticket Office Training: MERGE



When you send a CRM activity we would like the merge request to be clear

  • Update all of the information (phone, email, address) in the primary account
  • Title the CRM activity- Merge
  • The primary account should be where the request is made in
  • List all secondary accounts in CRM body
  1. If a customer has a public account that has their B15 tickets and one that is a faculty account, which account should be the primary one?
  2. A man calls in and wants to merge his account with his dad's Legacy 1 account. Is that possible?
  3. What do you do when you see duplicate accounts?

Please make sure that the primary account has all of the current information in it- if it is a student account that is being merged with a public make sure that you have all their info in the student account. A merge will combine all the ticket purchases and priority points. A merge does not combine the general account info.


Events Nov 16-21: TU(Nov 17) BYU Singers & Concert Choir 7:30pm; TU(Nov 17-21) Misalliance 7:30; WE(Nov 18) Jazz Voices 7:30; WE(Nov 18) BYU Philharmonic 7:30; TH(Nov 19) WVB vs Santa Clara 7:00; TH-SA(Nov 19-21) Beauty & Beast 2:00, 7:30; TH(Nov 19) Utah Symphony 7:30; FR(Nov 20) MB vs Adams State 7:00; FR(Nov 20) American Piano Quartet 7:30; SA(Nov 21) WVB vs San Francisco 1:00; SA (Nov 21) Football vs Fresno State 1:00.

On sale Nov 16 (click here):

Events Nov 23-28: TU(Nov 24) WB vs Utah St 11am; TU(Nov 24) WVB vs Pepperdine 7pm; WE(Nov 25) MB vs Mississippi Valley St 7pm; FR-TH(Nov 27-Dec10) Beauty & Beast 2:00, 7:30pm; SA(Nov 28) MB vs Belmont 7pm

On sale Nov 23 (click here): Utah Symphony; Vocal Point; Microburst Threatre Festival; Young Ambassadors; Leo, Off the Map; Next Door, Off the Map; Sound of Music; Alice in Wonderland; Twelfth Night; Living Legends; Winter Choirfest; Fictionist: The Bridge; Symphonic Band; Dance in Concert; BYU Philharmonic; Wind Symphony; King's Singers; Opera Scenes; Broadway Revue; Synthesis; Symphony Orchestra; Renee Fleming; Faculty Dance Works; World Percussion Group; Complexions Contemporary Ballet

Christmas Parties:The student Christmas party will be on Friday December 11th at 5pm in the cougar room. The non-student party will be on Tuesday December 15 with more details to follow.
Get ready to PARTY!!!:)

Utah State Away :We have just a few tickets on sale for this game

Wheelchair for Basketball:We do not have any wheelchair seats available for any of the games. If someone is looking to purchase wheelchair we are sold out. Don't tell customers that they can just show up at the game and ask an usher for wheelchair seating. We may have a few seats on hold to help an existing season ticket holder out on a per game basis- ask a manager.

Season Basketball:We will stop selling season tickets after B04.

CAW comps: Valid comp lists include the President's List and the Christmas Around the World list. Use the mark codes CF (for Friday) CS (for Saturday) CSM (for the matinee). Please use p holds for those on the comp list for CAW. If you don't have access, please let a supervisor know.

Renee Fleming presale : The vocal performance major and voice faculty may get 2 tickets early starting on November 11. Their names should be on the Vocal Performance Majors List. Vocal Performance majors on this list may purchase ONE ticket for $15. Only 1 ticket at this price. If they want to buy more than one, they may purchase at the BYU price. Vocal Performance faculty may purchase two tickets for $15 each. No one may buy more then 2 tickets total during this presale.

Misalliance: We will have Stand By for the sold out performaces of Misalliance. 5 min before show starts we will accept cash or check directly outside the Margetts Theatre. Customers who already have purchased tickets need to be told to arrive early and on time to ensure their space doesnt get taken. All tickets will be sold at the student price.

Fine Arts Exchange: If you trying to do an exchange in a Theatre Season and the total comes out inccorectly then you can use the item FAP to fix the price. Change the FAP price to even out the balance due. Many people find it easier to do a return out of the season and then add a new line for the new item. For the new item, choose the price type that most closely matches the price of the return and then use FAP to make the balance due $0.

B07 Game: The game at the Vivint Smart Home Arena is now $12. You may sell any O's on the map. Do not sale d holds to any customer- these are the tickets that VSH will be selling through their office for $12.

Mens Volleyball Season Onsale:Customers may begin renewing thier mens vollyeball season tickets. The deadline for cougar club priority is November 30- we will assign the season tickets after this deadline and customers will recieve their tickets via UPS. New customers may also purchase tickets as well. Put their seating preference under special- please do not guarantee any seating location DO NOT ASSIGN SEATS. If you have an alumni purchase tickets he can use the alumni general admission family price at $125. Their is an Extra price type to use for any of their family members.

Vivint Smart Home ROC Pickup: December 1st starting at 9:00 AM. 1 ticket per Roc Card and each student may bring up to 4 cards with them.

Basketball Single Game: On sale now. Mini Packs are still on sale. Read more on games and pricing. "p" holds are for season sales, not mini packs.

Every mini pack, can have the Weber State game added -B07 at the VSH Center. Use the FF price type for the VSH game. 

Chair seats below are available for one mini packs. For the Holiday pack, the seats will be in sections 13 (student section) .

Chair seats may be available for individual games for other events but not as part of a mini pack.  It is likely that only Cougar Club will have access to chair seating during the early single game sale.  Otherwise, chairs will normally be made available 1 week or 2 before the game. 

Vivid Seats: Please write up a CRM with Vivid Seats as the subject line and assign to Elaine for any call or email you get regarding Vivid Seats, good or bad. In the body of the CRM explain the issue or if you helped the customer with Vivid how long it took and what you thought of the process. This is for at least until the end of basketball.

ROC Replacement: It is $80 for a ROC replacement card. A replacement for a football ROC is $65 when football is over.

VIVID Seats: If someone wants to sell on VIVID and would like to use the electronic option, they must first transfer their season tickets to themselves, then provide the PAH ticket they get to Vivid seats. It will cost them the $4 PAH fee. Also, they claim to have a special phone number for us to call. It is 855-346-4924. The guy the answered for me had no idea I was calling from BYU even though it is the "special" BYU number. However, he had only worked there for a week. Selling on Vivid is no different than selling on KSL or stub hub. We have no visibility into who bought the seats and if something goes wrong, we are unable to see why. The customer that buys will need to call Vivid.


Feedback on the games: Go to

Ticket Transfer: Our football season patrons are able to transfer their tickets to other individuals using their account. The only fee associated with this is a delivery fee of $4 for PAH or $10 for Will Call. The person who will be receiving the tickets will be charged that fee. Please refer to the "ticket transfer" training online as a reminder on how to use this service.(Quiz 19)

Cougar Walk:Begins each football game 2:20 minutes before each game



Basketball Season: We will now sell the combo item BS instead of B15X. It is the real thing. IMPORTANT: Assign B07 on a separate line when you assign the season. Assign them above the concourse--not below even if you see an open seat.

Basketball Online Orders: Please be sure you are out of an entry field in PAC7 or Tres when helping people order online. The computer will attempt to process for an extended time, eventually timing out. If you find it takes the online order an extra long time to process, please double check to be sure you are out of an entry field.

Refer individuals to

CHECKING COUGAR CLUB MEMBERSHIP: When you have a customer pulled up on CRM or Pac7 DO NOT USE the Membership box to determine CC level--this is not accurate. There has been some discrepancies in this box due to the way Cougar Club has been doing their reporting and so we cannot use it to determine what level they are. The correct way to check for club membership status is to go to the "Donor Profile" tab and look under the "Donor Summary" box. This will show the last donation- this must be within the current year. Next, check to see that their customer Type is a Cougar Club. We should always be checking in those two places and make sure that you see a donation amount that is within the current year.

Mini Pack and Single Games: Every mini pack, except the First Five, may have the first 2 games Oct 30 (B01)and Nov 7 (B02) added to the order at no charge, if the game has not yet passed and if the customer wants to come. Benches only.  The same is true of B07 at the ESA center. Use the V price type for MC games and the FF price type for the ESA game. 

Chair seats below are only available for two mini packs.  For the Frist Five, the seats will be in section 4 and 5.  For the Holiday pack, the seats will be in sections 13 and 16 (student sections.) 

Chair seats may be available for individual games for other events but not as part of a mini pack.  It is likely that only Cougar Club will have access to chair seating during the early sale.  Otherwise, chairs will normally be made available 1 week or 2 before the game. 


2015-16 Bravo!: Click here for performances.

  • Theatre season orders by phone/web--Individuals may call or go online and place an order for theatre season tickets. Use the season item groups for theatre season tickets (ie FR1, SA2, etc.) Use "p" holds for season sales. There are 5 required shows for the theatre season package: Beauty and the Beast, Charlotte's Web, Mother Courage, Taste of Sunrise, Misalliance.
  • Bravo! renewals by phone/web--Six Bravo! events constitute a season. Customers don't need to order the same number of tickets for each Bravo event.

Theatre season: We have another resource to locate required theatre and bonus shows and dates. See the theatre season chart. (We also have hard copies by the phone.) Note: The dates in red indicate a substitute day or time if a production is not held at the same day/time of week as specified by the season package.

Age limits: The age limit for events held in the HFAC is not just the ticketed age, as in the Marriott Center and Stadium, it is the youngest age that a person will be admitted. Please be familiar with the age of admittance for HFAC events. Check the arts website, event details or Event Summary.

Discounts: On applicable events, BYU alumni may receive a limit of two tickets at the Alumni rate. See Training, Faculty-Staff/Student Discounts (Arts Events)

Calls for Jeff Martin: If an individual wants to talk to Jeff Martin, we can transfer the call to the Fine Arts ticket office and they will assist or take a message for Jeff. We want to avoid giving out his direct line since he is so busy.

Fine Arts Promos: We cannot refund previous tickets purchased if individuals subsequently receive a promo code to buy tickets at a discount.

Fine Arts discount tickets: Clarificiations have been added to the training pages regarding discount tickets for Fine Arts--read more

Studio C: Ticketing for Studio C recordings is done through BYUtv.  They take ticket requests at "" Show dates will appear on the calendar as they become available.  Because there is a high demand for Studio C tickets, they are distributed via a lottery. 

Family Concert Series: Free tickets for the Family Concert Series may now be secured online by going to the Family Concert Series listing at (click here). Select the event then select "Free Event Buy Tickets." (If seats are available, free hard tickets may also be distributed through the ticket office about 4 weeks prior to the event.) This year tickets will be available event by event (rather than as a series pass).

Performances for children/families: Click here.

School Matinees: School matinee performances are to be ordered through JoNell at 801-422-5632 or email For a list of these performances, go to byuarts website and under the "on stage" tab, you will see "School Performances" or click here. School teachers representing the school or home school directors may call.

Theatre discussions: Post-performance discussions with the cast and audience will take place for all BYU Theatre productions except the Young Company show Midsummer. They are typically short (about 15 minutes or so) and occur in the same venue, soon after the Thursday evening performances. Accordingly, there will be two discussions for each production.

Fine Arts Charitable Donations: Inquiries about fine art ticket donations for charitable purposes may be submitted to Jeff Martin on organizational letterhead by mail or email. There's never any guarantee but sometimes he can help.

Theatre season: When taking theatre season orders, please use the season item codes (they are combo items) rather than selling the plays on a single event basis. This will help us in selecting seats now and in securing season locations for the future. (New this year,$2 theatre preview nights are available for TMA students and to the public.)

Arts brochure/email request list: If someone wants a brochure, get one for them and had write their address on it and put it in the mail. It might be a good idea to tape the pages shut with two pieces of tape. Note: We also need to put a white sticky label over the "Nonprofit Organization US Postage PAID" label on the back, which is not applicable to our individual mailings. If individuals want to continue to be on the arts brochure mailing list in future years, please create a CRM to JoNell including the customer's name and address.

Fine Arts Processing: Click here to read more on general season/package processing.

Event Summary: Read more. Timeline below is subject to change.

Fine Arts - Read more on season/package processing.    
Package Renewal New Orders Online Requirements Benefits
Theatre season May 11-May 30 June 1 until first required show is over May 5 required shows: See theatre Read more. Season discount on TMA events.
Option to buy Bravo! early with no discount unless 6+ Bravo! shows are purchased as season.
Qualifies for artsPass benefits in July.
BRAVO! season May 11-May 30 June 1 until less than 6 Bravo! events remain May Buy 6 Bravo! events. Read more. Season discount on all Bravo! events.
Qualifies for artsPass benefits in July.
artsPass   July 13 until less than 5 events remain July Buy any 5 events No discount (unless purchased as season above) but option to prebuy all events.
Groups   early July   Group of 10+ at same performance.
See group holds.
Groups of 10+ may prebuy. Discount on select events. See groups 15+
School groups       Group of 15+ school age youth. Contact x4211 or Performances exclusively for school age youth. See school groups 15+


Cosmo Kid's Club: For information on joining and benefits, refer individuals to their website so they get their information direct from the

Other ticketed events on campus: Check out for other events being ticketed by other sources on campus.



Blocked emails: Individuals may add the following to their contacts/address book to help prevent emails from being blocked or diverted to junk/spam:

PAH or MD emails: or

Online Orders: Please be sure you are out of an entry field in PAC7 or Tres when helping people order online. The computer will attempt to process for an extended time, eventually timing out. If you find it takes the online order an extra long time to process, please double check to be sure you are out of an entry field.

Logging off: Please be sure to follow the prompts to log out of all programs prior to logging off the computer. (If you are into a customer account and simply log off the PCI computer it will prevent others from accessing the account.)

Lost and Found @ MC: Anything left at the MC will be held at the Special Events Office for a couple of days. If someone is looking for something, have them check with Michelle before going to campus lost and found. She keeps more valuable items in a safe area but things like coats and bags are kept in some overhead bins back by Dani and Kay's office.

Parking: When we have a big event at the MC, everyone, including students that are working, may park in the stalls with cones or the red signs that say event staff. For some events you will also need to pick up a pass. You will now need a Lot 7 pass for the MC when working football.

Donations: Click here for instructions on how to take quick Cougar Club donations in T-Res. Important: Designate the paymode type V=Visa, M=Mastercard, A=American Express, D=Discover. Use "donation" batch number on phone 6 or window 7. Change the customer type to CC unless they are BYU employees/retirees. Make sure account contact information is updated.

T-Res: Please remember to log in everyday to t-res. Don't forget your password because you will need to use t-res every once in a while.

Gift Card: When placing orders, please don't write anything in special handling until the card is issued. At that point, we write the gift card number under special.

Tracking UPS Orders. Go to login: byutickets password: BYUrocks9- Click on Tracking- Click on Quantum View Manage- Click on Third Party. Here you can search for any order that has been shipped by typing in their name. If needed, you may also redirect to a new address, if it has not yet been delivered. Ask for help.

1. Northeast side of the ticket lobby.

2. 90 min prior 

3. Northwest 

4.Assisted listening devices are available free of charge at the Marriott Center Sound Booth, which is located inside the arena between the entrances to portals G and H. To ensure the devices are returned, guests must leave a driver’s license or a major credit card as collateral. The devices are operable from any seat in the arena. 

5. west side of Lot 3